Having worked with a variety of international fund promoters, I have long experience of the opportunities and pressures presented by the industry. As an experienced Director my emphasis is on strong and effective corporate governance. My role as an executive director over many years working with executives, non-executives and service providers has given me a keen insight into the functioning of investment company boards.

My training with the Institute of Directors (Diploma in Company Direction) has given me further insight into the workings of boards and in particular the role of the non-executive director. As an Independent Chairman - with ultimate responsibility for Fund Governance and in particular compliance with CP86 and the Irish Code - I have configured board composition and processes to reflect these values.

I offer professional governance services to fund companies operating in Ireland and elsewhere in Europe. Central to this is a professional, unbiased independent approach to fund oversight which meets the highest expectations of promoters, investors and regulators.

My portfolio consists of a limited number of quality relationships. This allows me to devote the proper time and effort to each directorship, thereby ensuring that clients receive a full and dedicated director service. Commitment and the development of long term relationships is key to this outlook.